All pastas served with garlic bread and choice of salads

**Fettuccine Alfredo

Tossed in a light Alfredo sauce with diced tomatoes and Cajun Chicken.   Add Shrimp for additional

** Penne Pasta with choice of chicken or Andouille Sausage

Finished with a fire roasted tomato sauce and veggies.

 Penne Pasta Bake

Choice of Chicken, Meatball, or Sausage.

Pasta Primavera (Pesto cream sauce or white wine garlic & olive oil)

Served with salad and Garlic bread. Extra: Add Chicken

 Lasagna (Meat or Vegetable)

Cheese Ravioli

Choice of Marinara, Alfredo, or Pesto sauce.

 **Fussili Michelangelo

Fussili with a fire roasted tomato cream sauce with pine nuts wild mushrooms and chicken.

 Chicken, Artichoke & Fresh Tomato Fussili

Finished in a very light lemon garlic pepper sauce.

 Your choice of House, Garden, Caesar salad, Mandarin Orange Cranberry salad, Fiesta Salad or Garden salad and Garlic Bread.


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